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Lily Flower in Hindi | Meaning of Lily Flower in Hindi | Lily Flower in Hindi


Lily is a lovely flower that is popular among people as one of the most popular choices for gifts. There are over 4,000 lily species and 280 genera in the lily family. Did you know that lilies are members of the genus Lilium, which is thought to be the true lily? There are many flowers that are called lilies, but they are not members of the true lily family. An illustration would be daylilies, calla lilies, and water lilies. The meaning of the lily flower in Hindi is pavitartaaur bhakti.

Information on Nutrition

Let us now discuss its nutrition.

Convallamarin, a diuretic glycoside, and Convallarin, a purgative glycoside, are found in Lily of the Valley. Flavonoids, saponins, citric acid, malic acid, essential oil, and Cardenolides are also found in the flower. Convallatoxins, Convalluside, and Convallatoxol are also found in these lovely flowering plants.

The Advantages of a Lily Flower

  • Lily flower in hindi can help with stomach issues. Simply make a tea out of the lily roots or bulbs to get relief from stomach issues and fevers, and it can also help women during pregnancy labour.
  • You can also use the roots to make an ointment to prevent scar tissue formation.
  • Lilies are also used in the treatment of skin ulcers, inflammation, burns, and rashes. The roots can be made into an ointment that aids in the prevention of scar tissue formation. You can directly apply the lily root ointment to the burned area. Dried lilies are known to be high in fibre, sodium, and carbohydrates.
  • The Liliumbrownii has many medicinal properties and can be used to treat everything from coughs and intestinal problems to anxiety. Anxiety can be effectively treated with lily flower in hindi.
  • This herb’s flowers are also beneficial to the skin. You can infuse them with water to make Aqua Aurea, a tonic. This tonic has been used for skin lightening since the Middle Ages. It works as a skin astringent as well.
  • It also aids in the treatment of valvular heart disease, cardiac debility, dropsy, and congestive heart failure. The flavonoids in the herb stimulate the arteries and aid in blood vessel dilation. Its diuretic properties aid in blood pressure reduction.
  • The essential oil of lily of the valley is excellent for treating headaches, depression, and melancholy in aromatherapy.

Lily Side Effects

Some of the lily of the valley’s side effects include:

  1. Excessive consumption of the herb can cause gastrointestinal irritation and dehydration.
  2. This herb should not be combined with beta blockers, lanoxin, quindine, digoxin, or calcium salts.
  3. Its dosage may result in abdominal pain.
  4. An overdose can even result in cardiac failure.
  5. Keep in mind that the plant’s red berries are extremely poisonous and should never be consumed.
  6. This flower should not be consumed during pregnancy or lactation because it can harm the baby.


Lily is a lovely flower, and its Hindi name is pavitrataaur bhakti. It has several health benefits, but you should consult your doctor before incorporating it into your lifestyle. Nature has bestowed many flowers upon us. We must look after them, and they will look after us.

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