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Hur share price live 


In the dynamic world of stock market investments, staying abreast of live share prices is paramount. For investors eyeing hur share price live, understanding the intricacies of its fluctuations is essential for making informed decisions. 

In this article, we delve into the depths of hur share price live, exploring its determinants, where to track it live, historical performance, real-time factors affecting it, and strategies for reacting to changes.

What Determines hur share price live?

hur share price live, like any other stock, is subject to various influences. Understanding these factors is crucial for investors aiming to gauge the trajectory of its price movement.

Company Performance: The performance of Hur as a company significantly impacts its share price. This includes its revenue growth, profitability, and future prospects.

Market Trends: broader market trends, including sector performance and investor sentiment, can sway hur share price live.

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Economic Indicators: Macroeconomic indicators such as interest rates, inflation, and GDP growth can also affect share prices, including Hur’s.

Hur share price live

31-Dec-2031-Dec-20Notification of HoldingRichard Chaffe140,558
29-Apr-2029-Apr-20BuyJohn van der Welle10.28GBX50,000204,159
29-Apr-2029-Apr-20BuyDavid Jenkins10.40GBX50,000303,338
29-Apr-2029-Apr-20BuySteven McTiernan10.83GBX100,000475,000
29-Apr-2029-Apr-20BuySandy Shaw11.29GBX44,29744,297
28-Apr-2027-Apr-20Transfer FromRobert Trice266,16526,590,897
28-Apr-2027-Apr-20Transfer FromNeil Platt224,576947,133
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20Transfer FromNeil Platt14,046722,557
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20BuyRobert Trice25.63GBX7,02326,310,686
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20Transfer FromAlistair Stobie14,046119,806
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20Transfer FromAlistair Stobie14,046119,806
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20BuyAlistair Stobie25.63GBX7,023119,806
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20Transfer FromRobert Trice14,04626,324,732
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20Transfer FromRobert Trice14,04626,310,686
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20BuyNeil Platt25.63GBX7,023722,557
20-Jan-2020-Jan-20Transfer FromNeil Platt14,046722,557
17-Jul-1917-Jul-19SellRoy Kelly46.50GBX110,000,000318,531,211
09-May-1909-May-19SellRoy Kelly45.00GBX3,527,501
09-May-1908-May-19Exercise of OptionRoy Kelly20.00GBX6,527,501
09-May-1908-May-19SellRoy Kelly45.92GBX3,000,000
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19Transfer FromRobert Trice7,84826,289,617
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19Transfer FromNeil Platt7,849687,442
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19Transfer FromRobert Trice7,84926,289,617
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19Transfer FromNeil Platt7,848679,593
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19Transfer FromAlistair Stobie7,84884,691
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19Transfer FromAlistair Stobie7,84984,691
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19BuyRobert Trice45.86GBX3,92426,273,920
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19BuyAlistair Stobie45.86GBX19,62161,146
25-Jan-1925-Jan-19BuyNeil Platt45.86GBX19,621663,897
27-Nov-1826-Nov-18BuySteven McTiernan40.61GBX375,000375,000
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18Transfer FromNeil Platt9,264644,276
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18Transfer FromRobert Trice9,26426,273,920
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18BuyNeil Platt38.86GBX4,632625,748
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18Transfer FromRobert Trice9,26426,264,656
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18BuyRobert Trice38.86GBX4,63226,264,656
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18Transfer FromAlistair Stobie9,26432,261
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18BuyAlistair Stobie38.86GBX4,63222,997
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18Transfer FromAlistair Stobie9,26441,525
25-Jan-1825-Jan-18Transfer FromNeil Platt9,264635,012
13-Jan-1712-Jan-17BuyNeil Platt49.00GBX3,673621,116
13-Jan-1712-Jan-17BuyRobert Trice49.00GBX3,67326,245,332
13-Jan-1712-Jan-17Transfer FromNeil Platt7,346621,116
13-Jan-1712-Jan-17Transfer FromRobert Trice7,34626,260,024
13-Jan-1712-Jan-17Transfer FromAlistair Stobie7,34618,365
13-Jan-1712-Jan-17Transfer FromAlistair Stobie7,34618,365
13-Jan-1712-Jan-17Transfer FromNeil Platt7,346621,116
13-Jan-1712-Jan-17BuyAlistair Stobie49.00GBX3,67318,365
10-Nov-1608-Nov-16BuyDavid Jenkins34.00GBX3,338203,338
10-Nov-1608-Nov-16BuyJohn van der Welle34.00GBX4,159154,159

Where Can You Find hur share price live?

Accessing real-time share price data for Hur is easily achievable through various online platforms. Websites like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and CNBC offer live updates on hur share price live, complete with charts, analysis, and news feeds. It’s crucial to rely on reputable sources to ensure accuracy and reliability in tracking hur share price live.

Historical Performance of hur share price live

Analysing historical data provides valuable insights into the behaviour of hur share price live over time. By examining past trends, investors can identify patterns and factors influencing price movements.

For instance, a look at Hur’s historical performance might reveal periods of volatility in response to earnings reports, market downturns, or industry-specific news. Understanding these patterns can inform investment strategies and risk management approaches.

Factors Affecting hur share price live in Real-Time

The price of Hur shares can fluctuate in real-time due to various factors:

Earnings Reports and Financial Statements: Quarterly earnings reports and financial statements can significantly impact hur share price live, as they provide insights into the company’s financial health and future prospects.

Industry News and Developments: News related to Hur’s industry, such as regulatory changes, technological advancements, or competitor actions, can influence investor sentiment and, consequently, share prices.

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Macroeconomic Factors: Economic indicators like interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical events can have ripple effects on the stock market, including hur share price live.

Investor Sentiment and Market Psychology: Investor sentiment, driven by factors like fear, greed, or optimism, plays a significant role in shaping share prices in real-time.

How to React to Changes in hur share price live

When faced with fluctuations in hur share price live, investors have various strategies at their disposal:

Long-term vs. Short-term Perspective: Investors with a long-term outlook may choose to ride out short-term fluctuations, focusing on the company’s fundamentals and growth potential.

Diversification: Spreading investments across different asset classes and industries can help mitigate risks associated with individual stock volatility, including hur share price live.

Staying Informed: Continuously monitoring market trends, company news, and analyst opinions can help investors make informed decisions in response to changes in hur share price live.

Expert Insights and Forecasts

Analyst opinions and forecasts can provide additional perspectives on hur share price live. However, it’s essential to approach these forecasts with caution, considering the inherent uncertainty and risk associated with predicting stock market movements.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Analysing hur share price live

In navigating the complexities of hur share price live, investors should steer clear of common pitfalls:

Overreacting to Short-term Fluctuations: Succumbing to emotional reactions to short-term price movements can lead to impulsive decision-making and undermine long-term investment goals.

Ignoring Fundamental Analysis: Focusing solely on share price movements without considering fundamental factors like earnings, growth potential, and competitive positioning can result in misguided investment decisions.

Failing to Diversify: Concentrating all investments in a single stock, including Hur, exposes investors to heightened risk in the event of adverse price movements.

Real-Life Examples of hur share price live Movements

Examining real-life examples hur share price live movements offers practical insights into the interplay of various factors and their impact on stock performance. From earnings surprises to industry disruptions, these case studies highlight the importance of staying vigilant and adaptable in response to changing market conditions.


hur share price live is a multifaceted endeavour that requires a blend of analytical rigour, market insight, and patience. By delving into the determinants of share price movements, tracking live data. 

Learning from historical performance, and adopting sound investment strategies, investors can navigate the nuances of hur share price live with confidence and clarity. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and let knowledge guide your investment journey.

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