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Vibgyor Meaning in Hindi – Unlocking the Spectrum of Colours


vibgyor meaning in hindi Colours are an integral part of our world, adding vibrancy and meaning to our lives. They can convey emotions, set moods, and even symbolise various concepts. The acronym “VIBGYOR” is a term frequently used to represent the colours of the rainbow. In this article, we will explore the meaning of “VIBGYOR” in Hindi and delve into the fascinating world of colours, as represented by this acronym.

VIBGYOR – A Rainbow of Colours

Before we dive into the translation of “VIBGYOR” into Hindi, let’s understand the significance of this acronym in the context of colours. “VIBGYOR” is an acronym that represents the sequence of colours in a rainbow, each letter standing for a specific colour:

  • V: Violet
  • I: Indigo
  • B: Blue
  • G: Green
  • Y: Yellow
  • O: Orange
  • R: Red

These seven colours make up the spectrum of light and are commonly seen when sunlight is refracted or bent as it passes through water droplets in the atmosphere, creating a rainbow. Understanding the order of colours in a rainbow helps us appreciate the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

VIBGYOR Meaning in Hindi – विब्ज़योर का अर्थ

Now, let’s translate “VIBGYOR” into Hindi. In Hindi, “VIBGYOR” is written as “विब्ज़योर” and pronounced as “Vibgyor.” This transliteration retains the original English acronym while using Hindi script. It’s commonly used in Hindi-speaking regions to refer to the colours of the rainbow.

The Cultural and Symbolic Significance of Colors

Colours hold diverse cultural and symbolic meanings in various societies. Let’s explore the significance of the seven colours represented by “VIBGYOR” in both a cultural and natural context:

1. Violet (वायलेट)

Cultural Significance: Violet is often associated with spirituality, wisdom, and creativity. It can also symbolise luxury and extravagance.

Natural Context: In a rainbow, violet is the innermost colour and has the shortest wavelength.

2. Indigo (इंडिगो)

Cultural Significance: Indigo represents intuition, contemplation, and self-awareness. It is also linked to introspection and deep inner feelings.

Natural Context: Indigo is the colour following violet in the rainbow.

3. Blue (ब्लू)

Cultural Significance: Blue is universally associated with calmness, tranquility, and serenity. It symbolises trust, loyalty, and stability.

Natural Context: Blue follows indigo in the rainbow and is a colour commonly found in the sky and water.

4. Green (ग्रीन)

Cultural Significance: Green is the colour of life, growth, and renewal. It represents harmony, balance, and fertility.

Natural Context: Green follows blue in the rainbow and is abundant in nature, from lush forests to vibrant vegetation.

5. Yellow (येलो)

Cultural Significance: Yellow is associated with happiness, positivity, and energy. It symbolises warmth, hope, and optimism.

Natural Context: Yellow follows green in the rainbow and is often seen in sunlight.

6. Orange (ऑरेंज)

Cultural Significance: Orange combines the energy of red and the positivity of yellow. It represents enthusiasm, creativity, and determination.

Natural Context: Orange follows yellow in the rainbow and is seen during sunrise and sunset.

7. Red (रेड)

Cultural Significance: Red is a colour of passion, love, and desire. It also symbolises strength, courage, and determination.

Natural Context: Red is the outermost color in the rainbow and is often the most vibrant and striking.


“VIBGYOR,” when translated to Hindi as “विब्ज़योर,” encompasses the spectrum of colors that make up a rainbow. These colours hold cultural, emotional, and natural significance, enriching our lives with their beauty and symbolism. Understanding the meaning of “VIBGYOR” in Hindi allows us to appreciate the rainbow not only as a meteorological phenomenon but also as a cultural and artistic symbol.

Colours are a language of their own, transcending linguistic and cultural boundaries. They evoke emotions, convey messages, and inspire creativity. The next time you see a rainbow or encounter the acronym “VIBGYOR,” you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the diverse and colourful world around us.

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