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Easy Songs To Play on the Recorder


The recorder is simpler than other woodwind instruments like the flute and clarinet. However, It does need some amount of expertise. To begin playing the recorder, beginners should start with simple tunes.

Below are ten recorder songs that are simple for beginners to play on the recorder. These songs are excellent for beginner practice.

  • Frere Jacques 
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
  • Can-Can (Galop Infernal)
  • Old MacDonald
  • Ode To Joy
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Rock-a-Bye Baby
  • Jingle Bells
  • Amazing Grace

When learning to play the recorder, you must begin from the very beginning. By practicing these songs, you’ll progress from beginner to intermediate musician.

Tips for Beginners

Many people associate recorders with children’s instruments. However, the recorder has been played by both adults and children since the thirteenth century. In reality, many adults adore and use the recorder regularly. James Dean, a well-known musician, even used the recorder. And everyone began with the fundamentals.

Because recorders aren’t often utilized in modern pop music, you’re best off learning to play by listening to nursery rhymes, classical melodies, and folk ballads Yt5s.

Beginners should be aware that, unlike other woodwind instruments, the recorder does not require a forceful burst of air to function. Newbies frequently blow too hard, resulting in a harsh, unprofessional sound. Experiment with different degrees of force to find the one that works best for your recorder.

Another crucial piece of advice to remember when learning to play the recorder is to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Like learning any other instrument, learning to play the recorder takes time, effort, and dedication. It might take years for young children to develop the coordination required for play. Adults can learn to play recorder songs quite well in a matter of months.

Finally, recorder players should learn to read sheet music. It’s fantastic if you know how to play a song and can “feel it out” on your recorder Because it implies you have a natural musical instinct. You’ll discover that these “feelings” will assist you in your quest to learn to play yt1s.

Learning all of your music by ear can hinder your progress. It’s critical to learn music you’ve never heard before, especially if you plan to play alongside other musicians. Learning sheet music can be difficult, but it is essential to play the recorder.

What to Look for in Beginner Recorder Songs

There are various things to look for when looking for songs to perform on the recorder, including:

  • Slow Tempo: Songs with a slower tempo make it easier to learn. You don’t have to rush to up the speed so that you may concentrate solely on your playing abilities.
  • Easy Melodies: Simple melodies are the greatest. If you don’t want to discourage yourself, don’t choose music with frequent changes in rhythm. Simple rhythms allow you to master the fundamentals before progressing to more complex works.
  • Repetitive Tunes: Repetitive tunes are wonderful for beginners because they let you practice finger placement repeatedly, resulting in valuable muscle memory that makes playing feel easier.
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